Product Groups


Turexco Global engaged in the export of quality products like:

Women,men and children garments,towels and bed sheets,curtains,work wear. We have established a name of credentials owing to the project commitments, working speed, quality practices and the overall approach of the company.

Our Operating philosophy is to provide buyers with product that meets their specification, reliably delivered at a reasonable price in Domestic and International Markets.

We offer our customers a global network of opportunities and the best deal possible.


Over the years through innovations, evolutions and adaptations to the market trend and style, had today being one of the leading exporter and marketer in furniture worldwide Our products concept and design are acceptable domestically and internationally.

With a complete range of furniture which exceeded more than 1,000 of standard models as well as custom designed offers the benefits of being one-stop furniture centre to our customers and clients. The acceptance of our products by corporate offices, learning institutions, government agencies, hospitals and overseas buyers is a testimony towards ourproducts quality and price competitiveness.


Triangle Exports Inc. has been dedicated exclusively to serving the buying needs of the construction industry throughout the Caribbean. Our commitment to personal service is unsurpassed in the industry as we strive to meet our goal

Doors and moldingsLighting


You will need some Turkish coffee cups to enjoy your experience. Why do you need Turkish coffee cups? Because they are made of thin porcelain so that your brew will stay hot. Same idea as a tea glass. Remember, Turkish coffee is drank slowly, savoring the flavors sip by sip; no rushing. So you want your coffee to stay hot as long as you can. We also have some cups with a copper holder. Idea here is that porcelain insert heats up the copper holder which intern maintains the temperature. You can also have some cups with a lid to keep your brew hot until you sit down!

In addition we have some cups that are for collectors. They are handmade like a pottery and hand painted with real gold! Many of them are exact duplicates of the Turkish coffee cups used by Ottoman Sultans. In fact, the last Sultan established a factory just for manufacturing coffee cups for the palace!


We offer Wash Basins which are curved & tempered, in clear, frosted and pattern, with or without spacers and pipes. It could be single glass wash basins, or basins with shelves. In more than hundreds different shapes and styles.


Turexco Global has been exporting Food and Beverage products for retail and foodservice customers. Our mission is to offer our expertise, service and wide range of products to our customers. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, restaurant or hotel we will work to meet your individual needs from product sourcing, procurement, loading, proper documentation and port delivery. Our customers enjoy the benefit of combining both retail and foodservice requirements on a single order making for optimum selection and returns.

We have earned a “preferred shipper” status with many major manufacturers and shipping companies, giving our customers a competitive edge.

We are pleased to offer sea and air freight shipment options to meet your service and product costing requirements.

If you are a food manufacturer and importer looking for opportunities to grow your business, Turexco Global can expand your reach to world-wide markets with our established customer network. We offer an all-in-one package by taking possession of the goods and exporting them to the final destination.

Our experience in working with customers and manufacturers to obtain a market specific product or private label is a value-added service that sets us apart from our competition.


The Food and Beverage Department specializes in highly perishable, short shelf-life product.

Dry Goods

We offer a selection of dry goods that can satisfy everyone from the weekly value shopper to the most discriminating consumer looking for specialty goods.


We can fill your freezers with a wide selection of popular frozen products.


Try some of our natural/organic selection, one of the fastest-growing food segments in the world.